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Status of the Realm: 03 September 2017

So I thought I would try to add a more frequent update section, filled with items that don’t necessarily merit their own, complete posts. These could be things that I am working on, what I have experienced, or other items of note. I’ll do my best to make it at least once a week, twice if my projects are progressing along at a faster than previously expected rate or more noteworthy items happen during the week.

Why not just use a Facebook/Twitter/IG smattering to do this? I’m not really looking for thumbs of approval, nor do I feel like keeping them all to myself. Since any updates I push here appear on at least two of the previously mentioned items, it just makes more sense to do it here and save the effort for the more important tasks at hand.

To-Do: Create SotR banner(s). Due 1 Oct 17

Items of Note, 3 Sep 2017

UMich (33) v. Florida (17)

The Good:

• I liked the alternative uniform colors for both teams, especially UMich. Uncertain as to whether or not I would like to get a jersey in that color, might be a bit too bright in person, burn maize permanently into retinas of many an unwilling passersby, disapproving tuts possible.

• Defense for UMich was definitely present, stopping many plays that would have resulted in a steamroller win for Florida.

• Fantastic turnout of UMich fans, despite greater distance of travel required.

• A far more interesting game than PSU (52) v. Akron (0), which was being abandoned by dedicated PSU fans

The Meh:

• Easily preventable INTs cost more points than they should have; first week jitters in new season suspected cause.

• While understandable, neutral location for game prevents students/alumni of either school being able to easily attend.

• Status of Viewership/Team-Based Sartorial Curse still unknown, further research required

The Bad:

• Rules/regulations of Debatable Quality continue to be debatable in quality, slowing down overall flow of game. Seriously, when even the paid commentators are noticing the phenomenon is happening, something is seriously wrong.

100% MSPaint Work Update

While the first for this location, work continues on my first serious attempt at creating a work of art entirely within MSPaint. While not much at this point in time (see detail snippets for more information), work steadily rolls on, with the intended result being a work worth of any dual 1080P monitor setup, as was originally intended. While still very rough at this point in time, only time will tell what it truly ends up being.

100% MSPaint Detail 2
Spooky skull, on a tower perhaps? 09032017
Dubious Sun, Striped Landscape, Seussian Nightmare
Purple Liquid of Sorts
So Much Red










Song/Site of the Moment:


The Song of the Moment is not a song at all, but a band instead. Being stupidly late to discover things, like i was for Ghost, Gost, Carpenter Brut and others, this one really takes the cake, especially being as large of a Rammstein fan as I am. I present my latest discovered-obscenely-late find of KMFDM. Yes, KMFDM, considered by many to be industrial contemporaries of bands like Rammstein, Megaherz and Oomph, all of which I listen to quite frequently. I’m not certain why I took so long to start, really. Since it is neither a particular song or a relatively new band, I won’t bother to link to one particular song, as their discography is huge.

However, as I was writing the above, I did remember a song that I have been listening to increasingly more the last few days. Fronted by a QuickBooks-using accountant and hailing from the Dallas area, Ctrl+Alt+Delete is probably my favorite song by them at the moment.

While it has potential to be a catchy song, I am of the opinion that Rescue the Mouse needs to work on creating their own sound, which I am confident will come about as they not only tour more, but also spend more time in the studio. I would hate to see them forever trapped in Adult Alternative Land, sharing space with the likes of Seether and Nickelback. Very few bands truly deserve such a fate and Rescue the Mouse is not one of them.


Today’s Site of the Moment is for those intrepid consumers who value a good deal over what the box or its contents look like. Cosmetic/arrangement in the box, that is (very few, I imagine, would pay money for broken/mangled and disheveled items/cables/etc., no matter how good the deal was), not functionality wise. Enter, whose mission it is to scour the depths of for used/open box listings, allowing you to browse for deals that may not look as pretty as a completely new, aesthetically pleasing virgin retail purchase but will function just the same.

Call Center Whiteboards: Now in Color

Shortly after starting to doodle to while away the available time and relieve some stress and frustrations, I decided that not only should I add color to my illustrations, but also get myself a larger board, useful for many different things, larger illustrations being among them. Unfortunately, many of the larger illustrations have been wiped away or damaged, but since they were mainly constructive venting in whiteboard form, I am not too terrible distraught at their loss. Perhaps I’ll fire up Painter to recreate them for a future post. The end of this week saw many drawings made, as my co-workers have seen them at the desk of others and heard me talk about doing them being a pleasant experience and wanted to have one of their own done. Today’s offerings were for my own desk, though I did a few that I’ll work on photographing for sometime next week. The hardest part thus far is reducing the amount of overhead lighting glare that is caught by the camera.

So, without further ado, I present “Le Cheeseburger” and “Queen Bee” :

“A Burger Good Enough to Eat”

"Le Cheeseburger" / 2016 / Marker on Whiteboard
“Le Cheeseburger” / 2016 / Marker on Whiteboard

Ah, the simple cheeseburger, loved by people all over the world. Shortly after moving desks as part of a personnel realignment, I was whittling a period of especially long available time away trying to decide what was going to be on the board that everyone sees when they walk behind me. Since my drawing of Mr. Krabs stewing in a soup bowl had been damaged in the move, a new doodle was needed. Not having anything immediately come to mind, a simple cheeseburger would have to do, preferably with a side of french fries and a mandatory tasty beverage to accompany them.

As I didn’t have a lighter brown to make the bun and felt it would have been too much to make the patty both black and brown, the unfortunate slab of protein that is the patty was relegated to resembling a burnt block of ramen. I wonder if Copic or any other art supply company makes dry erase marker sets with more colors? Preliminary searches have yielded no results as of yet. None of my concerns seem to have much effect on what the sight of this depiction of a cheeseburger does to many a passersby, though. Often I have been informed that this sandwich looks good enough to eat and others have come back from lunch with a sack from a burger joint, some of whom have blamed my cheeseburger as the source of their craving. I have not been immune to the Call of the Cheeseburger, which makes the fact that a Wendy’s is but a short walk from my desk.

The Queen Bee

"Queen Bee" / 2016 / Marker on Whiteboard
“Queen Bee” / 2016 / Marker on Whiteboard

It’s no secret that one of the secrets to making a queen bee involves copious amounts of royal jellythe sticky white substance secreted by worker bees and fed to all larvae, but those who are destined for the crown will be receive nothing but royal jelly for the entirety of their development. Though those who use it in cosmetics and supplements would have you believe its use has health and aesthetic benefits, conclusions are iffy at best, which leads me to think that it is better used to make more queens to make the honey that I like so very much instead of leading insecure people to believe that it will help avoid the inevitable wrinkles that occur with time and environment exposure.

I don’t have much to say about this one, other than it was originally just a study in not only the effects of using inadvertently mixed colors, in this case yellow and black, to see what kind of effects I could achieve, but also in layered texturing, with the short strokes meant to represent the fuzz of the bee, layered to give the body depth and assist in achieving that round look to indicate a very well-fed bee who will soon be popping out a generation or so of future bees.

Oh, What a Whiteboard Can Do!

Working in a call-center with a clean policy can be tough for someone who likes to doodle as I often do, especially to relieve stress after a difficult or long interaction, which tends to tax me mentally, since outside of my job I tend to be a rather quiet person by nature unless sparked or goaded by something that is going on in my immediate surroundings. Fortunately, whiteboards are provided which, albeit small in stature, provide a creative outlet for breaks and during lunch. While they were originally provided to be used for taking notes, I have found that they are almost the perfect size for either quick or small doodles, with extended periods of downtime used to make more elaborate drawings. The following are black and white due to media limitations – I only had one marker at the time, which came with the board – and were done either for my own desk or those who requested them. I have since moved onto using color markers with a steady measure of success, with more and more of my coworkers asking for them as time goes on. I don’t mind drawing them at all, as it is a steady outlet for post-call stress and I enjoy seeing the smiles they bring not only once finished, but of passer-bys when I have enough time to look up from my desk. The future promises not only bigger boards (I have an 18×24″ I do not only drawings but other tidbits of information currently) but also more colors to start with, as my current palette of nine makes me just want for a wider variety of colors.

Pictures and descriptions after the break!

The Rest of the Story…

Shooting: Less Pewpew, More Snapsnap

One of the many enjoyable aspects of my previous line of work was not only the access to a wide array of firearms but also my role in photographing said firearms for various reasons, one of which was for auction on Gunbroker. Fortunately, I saved a number of the guns that turned out the best and will be posting them here in the upcoming days. While many of them will have been featured on Gunbroker or Instagram, others are exclusive to this location that weren’t included for various reasons.  The Rest of the Story…