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Status of the Realm: 03 September 2017

So I thought I would try to add a more frequent update section, filled with items that don’t necessarily merit their own, complete posts. These could be things that I am working on, what I have experienced, or other items of note. I’ll do my best to make it at least once a week, twice if my projects are progressing along at a faster than previously expected rate or more noteworthy items happen during the week.

Why not just use a Facebook/Twitter/IG smattering to do this? I’m not really looking for thumbs of approval, nor do I feel like keeping them all to myself. Since any updates I push here appear on at least two of the previously mentioned items, it just makes more sense to do it here and save the effort for the more important tasks at hand.

To-Do: Create SotR banner(s). Due 1 Oct 17

Items of Note, 3 Sep 2017

UMich (33) v. Florida (17)

The Good:

• I liked the alternative uniform colors for both teams, especially UMich. Uncertain as to whether or not I would like to get a jersey in that color, might be a bit too bright in person, burn maize permanently into retinas of many an unwilling passersby, disapproving tuts possible.

• Defense for UMich was definitely present, stopping many plays that would have resulted in a steamroller win for Florida.

• Fantastic turnout of UMich fans, despite greater distance of travel required.

• A far more interesting game than PSU (52) v. Akron (0), which was being abandoned by dedicated PSU fans

The Meh:

• Easily preventable INTs cost more points than they should have; first week jitters in new season suspected cause.

• While understandable, neutral location for game prevents students/alumni of either school being able to easily attend.

• Status of Viewership/Team-Based Sartorial Curse still unknown, further research required

The Bad:

• Rules/regulations of Debatable Quality continue to be debatable in quality, slowing down overall flow of game. Seriously, when even the paid commentators are noticing the phenomenon is happening, something is seriously wrong.

100% MSPaint Work Update

While the first for this location, work continues on my first serious attempt at creating a work of art entirely within MSPaint. While not much at this point in time (see detail snippets for more information), work steadily rolls on, with the intended result being a work worth of any dual 1080P monitor setup, as was originally intended. While still very rough at this point in time, only time will tell what it truly ends up being.

100% MSPaint Detail 2
Spooky skull, on a tower perhaps? 09032017
Dubious Sun, Striped Landscape, Seussian Nightmare
Purple Liquid of Sorts
So Much Red










Song/Site of the Moment:


The Song of the Moment is not a song at all, but a band instead. Being stupidly late to discover things, like i was for Ghost, Gost, Carpenter Brut and others, this one really takes the cake, especially being as large of a Rammstein fan as I am. I present my latest discovered-obscenely-late find of KMFDM. Yes, KMFDM, considered by many to be industrial contemporaries of bands like Rammstein, Megaherz and Oomph, all of which I listen to quite frequently. I’m not certain why I took so long to start, really. Since it is neither a particular song or a relatively new band, I won’t bother to link to one particular song, as their discography is huge.

However, as I was writing the above, I did remember a song that I have been listening to increasingly more the last few days. Fronted by a QuickBooks-using accountant and hailing from the Dallas area, Ctrl+Alt+Delete is probably my favorite song by them at the moment.

While it has potential to be a catchy song, I am of the opinion that Rescue the Mouse needs to work on creating their own sound, which I am confident will come about as they not only tour more, but also spend more time in the studio. I would hate to see them forever trapped in Adult Alternative Land, sharing space with the likes of Seether and Nickelback. Very few bands truly deserve such a fate and Rescue the Mouse is not one of them.


Today’s Site of the Moment is for those intrepid consumers who value a good deal over what the box or its contents look like. Cosmetic/arrangement in the box, that is (very few, I imagine, would pay money for broken/mangled and disheveled items/cables/etc., no matter how good the deal was), not functionality wise. Enter, whose mission it is to scour the depths of for used/open box listings, allowing you to browse for deals that may not look as pretty as a completely new, aesthetically pleasing virgin retail purchase but will function just the same.

Walls of Barely-Readable Text: Grammar Edits

Aside from finding suitable content to write about, the lack of an editor is probably the greatest detriment to the overall content of this site. Written primarily in the dead of night in lieu of beneficial sleep, what sounds great at midnight can result in a post that makes one regret typing the first letter.

So, from now on, all late-night work will sit unpublished until a rested set of eyes scrutinize what the toil of the midnight oil could not.

Site of the Moment: Ever since it drew the ire of the incessantly annoying realtor aggregator website Zillow, I have been thoroughly educated and entertained by, a site run by an architecture student, mocking everything that is wrong with the tacky, overpriced monstrosities that have the gall to call themselves mansions. Even if you’re not a fan of architecture, you’re likely to enjoy her well-written commentary. You’ll most likely learn something along the way, too.

Song of the MomentHumans are Such Easy Prey – Perturbator

While I may be obscenely late to the agressive side of 80’s soundtrack inspired synthwave, this song has been on my gym playlist ever since I discovered it by accident on Spotify. Clearly obsessed with the Terminator saga, namely the first one, this lyrics-free anthem to the destructive capabilities of the T-800, model 101 is catchy, aggressive and inspiring when you need just one more rep to finih your set or a few more parts to finish your masterpiece.


College is over for the time being, the books are stowed, the gears of knowledge creep at and ever slowing rate, rust gathering as slowly as it did last time I stopped going to school. Creak…creak…creeeeak… wait, what? Why does learning have to stop? Did it ever stop? Unlikely it ever will.

After letting the site lapse (again) into deletion due to financial hardships and lack of time, it is time to start anew! With more time and fewer x and y variables, I am free to do more with this and other online things. When I thought of doing this again, I thought to myself: what do I like doing? The best places to visit are places that are ultimately useful to someone other than the author. Someone else has to have the possibility to benefit in order for the ordeal that comes with site ownership to be worth more than a nickel or dime.

So what’s planned?

Photography: Though I have never made much off of photography, I still enjoy doing it some ten years later. Currently, the only commercial usage of my photo compositions have been firearm related, since I am currently employed in the retail part of the industry. Mainly, my photos have been featured on Gunbroker and as of recent, Instagram, all for the betterment of my place of employment. I enjoy capturing these devices with a camera in a strangely beautiful light, which especially recently, has not been the case in mainstream society at large.

Painting/Drawing: In addition to photography and digital media, I still create works using physical materials. One day soon, I’d really like to try my hand at oils, but due to having a rambunctious toddler and naughty cat, for now it is an item on the “to do” list. Acrylics and pastels seem to be safe materials to use, with the tot contributing regularly when the mood strikes her.

Bathroom Reviews: “Why would you honestly want to review the places where people defecate, urinate and do untold number of other things? Isn’t there already a place that does that?” Yes, but it isn’t my work, so I want to do it my way. Originally, it started as a project for a freshman college composition class which went well enough, despite the requirement of entering and writing about every bathroom I came across and trying to photograph them with no one else there. Once the project ended, I thought that was that and nothing more.

Sadly, nothing could be farther from the truth. Everywhere I go now, I find myself mentally rating it by cleanliness, decor if any, smells, sounds and other identifying characteristics. So if I still do it without really realizing it, why not write about it?

Firearms: It would not be a convincing online presence if it failed to cover one of the tenets of my life currently: shooting. Not people, as I rather never have to do that, but targets of paper and cardboard. Compared to the number of some of my regulars, I have but a few, but I like them quite a bit, but not to the point that I love them, as that’d be a bit weird. Like politics, I’ll be keeping the firearms posts mainly about my own experiences with them and do my best to stay away from one side or the other, as the discussion can become quite heated very quickly. Mainly, I’ll be talking about new guns I’ve read about, found at a local gun store, mainly work, or have personally bought. Since I compete from time to time, I’ll probably take some time to reflect on my results and the stages in what is hopefully an entertaining way.

Gaming: Not that I have a terrible lot of time to do so these days, but I do enjoy playing video games from time to time. With the arrival of the tot, I have limited it mainly to PC, as it usually doesn’t require expensive peripherals that are oh-so-attractive to munchkins with small, sticky hands. Someday, I will return to owning a modern console, but today is not that day. New games, mods, utilities and wanted games shall dominate this section.

Other Stuff of Interest: While the main subjects are listed above, other things that catch my interest shall have a home here, provided I can make a description of the topic entertaining to someone other than myself.

Categories are subject to amendment, deletion, abandonment and modification at any time.