Shooting: Less Pewpew, More Snapsnap

One of the many enjoyable aspects of my previous line of work was not only the access to a wide array of firearms but also my role in photographing said firearms for various reasons, one of which was for auction on Gunbroker. Fortunately, I saved a number of the guns that turned out the best and will be posting them here in the upcoming days. While many of them will have been featured on Gunbroker or Instagram, others are exclusive to this location that weren’t included for various reasons. 

S&W 638-3
Smith & Wesson 638-3

Today’s feature is actually one of my own, the S&W 638-3 Airweight. Machined out of aluminum alloy couple with a stainless steel cylinder, this five-shot matte-finish beauty of a snubnose packs a punch that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Capable of shooting the higher pressure +P rounds popular with defensive carry enthusiasts, it’s slim profile is enhanced by the presence of its shroud hammer, making it less likely to catch on anything upon its drawing. The only real drawback for me is the pistol grip, which for my meathooks is slightly too small with my pinky finger hanging free with nothing to grip. I eventually plan on replacing the rubber standard with a rosewood Hogue that will not only solve that problem, but will greatly enhance the overall aesthetics. Of course, once that’s done, I’ll post photos here and elsewhere.

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  1. Murphy.Yeah says:

    Looking forward to seeing more post like this. I really can’t wait to see how the 638-3 looks with the new grips. Keep up the good work!

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