Life Without Internet: What is One to Do?

The Internet as we currently know it is pretty much a necessity in today’s society. Without it, what is one to do in order to find a job, communicate with others and catch up on the day’s events? Without an Internet connection, a majority of the modern world’s sources of entertainment would not function to their maximum potential or cease to function at all.

A couple of weeks ago, on the morning of Father’s Day, the Internet was shut off due to lack of payment. Went to check the stats for this site, an article about online privacy and ->POOF!<- no more connection. Called the cable company, only to find that without a hefty-at-the-time $157 readily available, we were to be left in the digital dark. No funds were available, so radio silence it was until the bill could be paid.

Much like our experience with Hurricane Matthew, the girlfriend and the tot took it the hardest, since they were left at home all day while I was at work. No Internet meant no Blippi, who the toddler adores more than most anything in the world. No Netflix for her mum, who uses it to keep sane during the day of a hyperactive toddler. As many of my hobbies don’t require an active Internet connection, I was quite alright. During my first day, I even managed to get in a lengthy doodle, in this case of an imagined beachside, complete with stuck-on debris.


I found it to be quite nice to not have any chance of distraction, aside from the occasional grumble from the tot or her mum. Normally, with ample online access, my attention is pulled left, right and center, with ever more things to browse, read, explore and consume. Without it, it was just me, an active imagination and my canvas.

Subsequent attempts at producing further works was met with some difficulty, as these attempts felt like one-upping a hit album. Fortunately, these attempts were saved for future efforts, which should prove to be equally productive, given the right set of circumstances.

Fortunately, we had electricity, so we weren’t sent completely back to the days of old. My cell phone still worked, so we were still reachable. Television was out, so our long-stagnant collection of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs saw use, including my finally getting to watch the Star Wars saga collection in Blu-Ray that I received this past Christmas.

In short, life still went on, albeit in a slightly inconvenient manner. As with the time spent during the hurricane, our biggest point of contention was filling the time that was usually spent reading something online or watching television. So, in case you find yourself in danger of losing your digital connection to the world, pick up a hobby that doesn’t require online access. You’ll be much happier when the connection goes dark.


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