Rock N’ Roll: A Dying Breed?

With the rise of hip-hop, rap and numerous subgenres into the mainstream conscious, many are wondering if the fall of rock n’ roll has finally come. Fortunately, as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, rock n’ roll will most likely remain a mainstay in society’s lifestream for the foreseeable future.

Consider the following infographic which, despite highlighting the drop in overall album sales year-to-year (as is happening with most every other genre), rock is here to stay.

Want to know more? Details after the infographic.

“Rock N’ Roll ain’t gonna die.” Angus Young, AC/DC

Behind the Infographic: Wiggly-Jiggly Woo

Although it may appear cliché, I wanted to use elements from rock/metal to further cement its connection to the tenets that make the genre great.

  • For the sales graph, the style of the neck is very similar to many guitars used by the rock/metal guitar greats, whose instruments of choice often reflect not only their own personal style, but also they style of music they’re best known for playing.
  • The guitar/bass tabs for “Loyalty by Genre” were not chosen at random. The following songs were chosen for their respective genres:
    • Rock/Metal: Slayer’s “Raining Blood” (Riff A Tab)
    • Pop: Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” (Tab)
    • Rap/Hip-Hop: The Lonely Island’s “Like a Boss” (the only part that isn’t a rap; the synthesizer-based majority of the song can make it difficult to find tabs for it)
    • Electronica/EDM: Danger “4h30” (it’s nothing more than the main bass beat, once again due to EDM not being heavy on guitar work)
  • Typefaces used are Brothers OT, Destroy & Futura

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