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Bathroom Reviews? I did this as a project back in college, thinking after it was done that I’d never touch it again. Now, I find myself doing it subconsciously, so bathroom reviews are back!

De La Vega: A Bathroom Review

Location: 128 N. Woodland Blvd, DeLand FL

Date Visited: 17 March 2018

While dining out on a Saturday night, my bladder started to complain, exclaiming “empty me, monsieur, sil vous plait!” Not wanting this complaining to get any louder or painful, I excused myself to use the facility. What I beheld took me by surprise, as what is a clean, orderly restaurant in the front devolved into WC facilities that weren’t more than an afterthought by comparison.

Amenities: Unisex Restroom, changing table with bed liners

Pros: Clean and well-kept facilities. Plenty of paper products available for drying and wiping. Mirror was spot-free as expected. Supplied toilet paper did not warrant a complaint for crimes against humanity.

Cons: For all of the well-organized and thought out aesthetics of the front of the restaurant, the bathrooms are a mess. Mismatched paint, dingy lighting and screws in the walls where I presume pictures are either intended to be hung or were hung at one time. Claustrophobes need not apply, though definitely better than its counterpart with a very narrow doorway.

The Final Wipe: While in an emergency it will do, but the charm of De La Vega does not, unfortunately, extend to its bathrooms.




NLF Bathroom

Next Level Fitness: A Bathroom Review

Location: Next Level Fitness, 1738 S. Woodland Blvd, Deland, FL

Men’s/Women’s/Unisex: Men’s (Currently seeking applicants to review the often better-decorated ladies’ restrooms)

One of the many places I usually find myself is at the gym, for a variety of reasons, mainly health/vanity related. While there, I would say that a reasonable amount of time is spent in this very bathroom, so I know it quite well. As far as gym restroom go, it is pretty middle of the road, having an adequate level of accommodations, but nothing fancy. Two shower stalls, sinks and stalls accompany the one urinal and eighteen daily-use lockers provided, many of which have been in use by the same patron for some time now, the usage limit, if any, being rarely enforced. I do have to hand it to the staff, though; that they keep is pretty clean, much cleaner than I’d expect for such a low monthly rate. Color scheme and decor leaves much to be desired, as the pumpkin/goldenrod/grey palette and generic inspirational posters don’t do much for hyping one up for pushing themselves to their physical limits.

Pros: Cleanliness, which is more than be said of other gyms, which often get overlooked and results in restrooms that smell of feet, body odor and other unmentionable smells that make one want to gag. The shower stalls are clean and available all-day, as opposed to during staffed periods as stated on the sign on the door. The toilet/urinal is always clean and supplied with toilet paper and plunger in case things get out of hand. Trash can is rarely full and emptied regularly.

Cons: Aside from that earlier mentioned, my only real gripes with this restroom is the single-ply toilet paper and the lack of soap in the showers. The soap is honestly not that much of a concern, as it was never the best quality and the money is definitely being used for much better things. However, I cannot concede on the single-ply toilet paper. In 2016, such sub-par toilet paper should be a thing of the past, not a fixture in so many establishments.

The Final Wipe: If you’re in the gym and need to go, do not hesitate to use this restroom, just don’t expect a second wind of inspiration to come from the surroundings. Also, if you’re prone to being affected by high protein intake or other gastrointestinal problems, it is recommended that you bring your own paper for maximum effectiveness.