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De La Vega: A Bathroom Review

Location: 128 N. Woodland Blvd, DeLand FL

Date Visited: 17 March 2018

While dining out on a Saturday night, my bladder started to complain, exclaiming “empty me, monsieur, sil vous plait!” Not wanting this complaining to get any louder or painful, I excused myself to use the facility. What I beheld took me by surprise, as what is a clean, orderly restaurant in the front devolved into WC facilities that weren’t more than an afterthought by comparison.

Amenities: Unisex Restroom, changing table with bed liners

Pros: Clean and well-kept facilities. Plenty of paper products available for drying and wiping. Mirror was spot-free as expected. Supplied toilet paper did not warrant a complaint for crimes against humanity.

Cons: For all of the well-organized and thought out aesthetics of the front of the restaurant, the bathrooms are a mess. Mismatched paint, dingy lighting and screws in the walls where I presume pictures are either intended to be hung or were hung at one time. Claustrophobes need not apply, though definitely better than its counterpart with a very narrow doorway.

The Final Wipe: While in an emergency it will do, but the charm of De La Vega does not, unfortunately, extend to its bathrooms.




Stranger Things: Came for the Music, Stayed for the Weirdness

So, as the title suggests, I initially started watching Netflix’s Stranger Things because I happened upon a posting in one of the Facebook groups I belong to, Synth Wave Emotions! which is dedicated to the increasingly popular trend of synthwave, inspired by the synth-heavy soundtracks of 80’s films. Embedded in the post was the intro screen for the series and the dark, ominous synth lines that have become so notable of the darker tidings of the series. Fortunately, Stranger Things is more than just a platform for the soundtrack, as great as it may be; it draws upon the eeriness of the same cinematic era as its soundtrack, when movies may have been kind of campy but unsettling as well and jump scares were in the minority and used to great effect unlike Hollywood’s more recent offerings, which are more jump and less eerie atmosphere as a whole. I suppose that in the interest of mainstream horror films, my experiences and imagination are better conjurors of spook and fright than what Hollywood is prepared to shove down the throats of audiences as a whole nowadays.

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