What is Saylock.com?

For years, I toyed with the idea of owning my own space on the Internet. Things usually came up to prevent this from happening: money for decent hosting, money for the domain, time to set it all up, more time to keep it going, dedication to a vision, any vision at all and most importantly, a lack of content that can pass the "Who Cares?" litmus test.

Goals for Today and Beyond

My goals for this website are to show the world who I am, what I do and how I aim to make it better place, even if ever so slightly and only in a hyperlocal kind of sense. In order to achieve this, goals are separated into two categories:

Today Tomorrow
  • Finalize Site Layout: Blog Done, Pages WIP
  • Assign Categories for Popular Subjects: DONE
  • Plan Future Content
  • Design Icons for Special Posts (Restroom/Guns/Photo Stuff)
  • Find Contributors for Additional Content
  • Better Spam Filtering
  • Determine Monetization Options
  • Promote Site/Vision to Outside Sources
  • Set Up eCommerce for Commissions/Services/etc.
  • Draw Up Five Year Plans, Post Publicly

About the Authors

D.Saylock — Born in the heart of a mid-April New Mexican humdrum, he's had a eye for adventure, exploration and discovery, both great and small. The Korean DMZ, land of never-ending tension as two nations teeter back and forth from war to peace on a daily basis. Minot, where freezing is the reason the population never sees great gains from year to year nor great economic progress. Florida, home of the world's weirdest and most diverse collaborative "superhero" Florida(wo)man, doer of deeds evil, comical, altruistic and everywhere in between. Where will he go next? Tune in for more details.

M.Flush — Not much is known about M.Flush, aside from his affinity for toilettes, louvres, W.C.s and holes in the ground and letting the world know about where they should be "performing their most vital of bodily functions." Can usually be found with a phone in hand, nose in the air and a pair of opinionated eyeballs ensuring no detail is left unnoticed. May or may not wear a beret and/or moustache that twirls at the end.

D.G.Long — Once we can get this character out of hiding, we'll make sure to ask them about their odd habits and sprawling musings.